27 September, 2016

Mobile App Developments And Its Benefits

Mobile App Development in Medellin Colombia and Its Innumerable Benefits

Barely ten years ago, the mere idea that Colombia would turn into a burgeoning hub for tech industries seemed a tad far-fetched to many. Not so long ago, this humble nation was almost on the verge of becoming a failed if not rogue state. However, all that changed and today, Colombia is touted as one of the countries with a stronger ecosystem and industry development, with massive potential waiting to be explored. In addition to having the third largest Latin American population in the world, Colombia boasts of almost 50 million mobile connections and 25 million mobile users. These figures are more than encouraging for all those looking to tap into a rapidly growing tech market and using mobile application development in Medellin Colombia and its benefits.

Any Colombian will tell you that it is no mere coincidence that Medellin got the award for the most innovative city of the year back in 2012. The residents, also known as Paisas are renowned for their business savvy and highly entrepreneurial traits. While the local startup scene still lags a few years behind Bogota, Medellin’s beautiful weather and business friendly atmosphere give this barrio a unique dynamic. As a matter of fact, Colombia’s government spent almost $400M over the last decade for technology and innovation purposes. Recently, most businesses around Medellin have struck gold by using mobile applications. After all, with over a billion smartphones in the world, more and more consumers are spending their time browsing smartphones than on their personal computers. Businesses are slowly beginning to understand that having a Facebook page or mobile friendly site is not enough. Let’s look at how mobile app development in Medellin Colombia can help your business reach its full potential.

Benefits of Mobile Apps for Businesses in Medellin Colombia

Whether you own a restaurant, spa, salon, clothing store, massage parlor, hardware shop or any other small, medium and large business, you can improve your sales and customer interaction by using a nicely built mobile app that is dedicated solely to your business. These days, everybody is attached to their phones at the hip, palms, and even fingertips. Going anywhere without your smartphone is a recipe for disaster; that’s why you’ll see millions of people scrolling and typing away at the bus station, waiting rooms, public places, and even the toilet. For the tech savvy business men centered in Medellin Colombia, must consider using mobile apps development in Medellin, wasting such an opportunity is plain and straightforward foolhardiness. Here are a couple reasons why business owners in Medellin need a mobile app and how it can help turn things around for the better and why they should use Medellin SEO for their services.

1.Build your Business Brand and Recognition

Nothing contributes more to your business’s brand awareness than a proper mobile application dedicated to your business. While most conventional businesses put their focus on either one of the two, it is only by combining both that true success is achieved. A dedicated mobile application is just like a fresh, blank billboard sign that you can do with whatever you wish. You can make it functional, hip, stylish, shocking, informative and any other element you want to be put across. However, the main aim of developing a mobile application is to create one with such great features that your customers will love. Combining this with a gorgeous design and super branding techniques should see your brand get instant recognition. The more you get consumers involved with your app, the faster they feel inclined to make a purchase.

2.Mobile Applications Can Be Social Platforms in Medellin

By integrating social features like comments, likes and in-app messaging that all help connect different sorts of people, you will have built your app into a resourceful social platform. When integrated into your business’s mobile application, these social features ensure that people spend substantially more time on their phones and hence on the app. Research has shown that social features in a mobile application can single handedly increase consumer engagement, customer retention and eventually, the much awaited monetization. Let’s picture a scenario where as a consumer; you have developed an interest in a particular product or service. Of course, online is always the way to go first. But what if the information and reviews provided are not sufficient enough for you to make a solid decision? Thanks to mobile applications with in-app social capabilities, all you have to do is contact one of the reviewers and gain a linear perspective and additional information on your product of interest.

3.Allow for Mobile Communication and Collaboration

For those small and medium-sized businesses that are scattered all over Medellin, Colombia, communication and connectivity are essential for daily business operation. By having a dedicated mobile application for your business, you help create a handy communication platform that can assist you in enhancing collaboration and minimizing email. No matter where you are, a business owner can communicate with either the customer or the employees since they are all connected by one common denominator; the mobile app. Some mobile applications not only enable team collaboration and the prioritization of major projects for your business, but they also allow anyone with a smartphone to interact with one another, pool resources and exchange vital information and documents on the go.

4.Facilitate Sales Support and Mobile Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

When we talk about customer relationship management, mobile applications empower numerous business owners with a broad range of capabilities; all in the comfort of their home and at the reach of their fingertips. With a dedicated mobile app, keeping track of tasks, organizations, contacts, projects, emails, your calendar and a myriad of opportunities becomes seamless and instantaneous. This simple fact alleviates the unnecessary need to jot down crucial details on old receipts or scraps of paper that are bound to get misplaced. So, instead of stashing a ton of business cards in your drawer, all the savvy business owner in Medellin has to do is automatically scan a customer’s contact information directly into their CMR. From here, all you have to do is edit and add notes to the information for better customer tracking. Bypassing manual and tedious entries helps thousands of business owners save on time that should have been spent fostering better ties with clients. However, this part of your mobile application requires rep who will immediately check in and access the sales pipeline, customer data, previous correspondence and even speak directly with the customers.