11 November, 2015

Search Engine Optimization

How to Maximize Your Business Success with SEO in Medellin

Everyone and company with online presence daily wants to bring their business in front of eager buyers. It is not surprising then that there is high competition to rank first in search engines. Search Engine Optimization (or simply SEO) is the process of getting a web page to rank high or appear among the results on the first page in search engines such as Yahoo, Google, or Bing. If you have a website and selling a product or service, you need to learn the art and science of doing SEO. By science, we mean all efforts and processes of optimizing the web page, as well as building effective backlinks campaign. By art, we are referring to your mindset, including being consistent, diligent, and patient even in the face with failure initially. In this piece, we are going to discuss how to effectively maximize your business success with SEO and what search engines use to rank your site.

Off Page on Page SEO

Off page, SEO is a technique that is used to improve the position of a website in the search engine results page (SERPs). Some people think off-page SEO is the same with link building but, it is not. Off Page, SEO deals with promotion methods. On the other hand, on page SEO are those factors that have a bearing on your web page listing in search engine results such as HTML code, Meta tags, and keyword. We discuss some of these below.


This is the first part of search engine optimization technique to be applied. Search engines will need your keyword to determine how relevant your site is to the search query. The keyword should be in your website Url, title, and tags. In addition, the keyword should be in the article or copy on your website. It should be appropriately position in the copy, especially in the first and last sentences. It is also beneficial to link one instance of your keyword either to the home page or to the landing page. Another thing to bear in mind is that keyword you select should be one that is least searched. If you go for certain keywords with high search rate, your site may not appear on the first page of search results. Keywords with less competition can help your site to go higher in ranking.

Link to Authority Site

If you made a post on your site, it is good to link a word from it to its related Wikipedia page. You may select any word that you wish and link it. It is not necessary that the word should be your keyword, but it should absolutely be a word that is on-topic. For instance, if you have something like cancer somewhere in your article, link it to wikipedia.org/cancer. Why should you consider something like this? Well, search engines like Google love a site that link to authority sites. Your site will be seen as professional, and your reward will be higher rankings. A word of caution. If you have such links, try to align it with your text color so there will be no traffic leakage.

Build Backlinks

Get some links from high PR pages including edu., gov sites, and some web 2.0 sites. Do not get backlinks from a domain, neither point forum profile links back to your web pages. Rather, point those types of links to the high-quality pages you want to link to your website. Our SEO Agency in Medellin in Colombia can help you put this right.

SEO Content

This will remain the best way to optimize your site for search engines. Content is very relevant to your site being found by a web crawler. Write great content or contact someone on freelance sites to help you write content that attracts visitors. The content should be informative and relevant to your site theme. Do not write news related articles that might not help your site in term of traffic and which may become useless within a short time. Search engines love unique contents and if you have articles on your site that are not unique, you will hardly be ranked by search engines. SEO content with the right keyword will help improves the search engine ranking of your site steadily on a long-term basis.

Local SEO and Citations

Local SEO and citation refer to any mention of your business on the web. It may come with or without a link. It includes the mentioning of your company name, phone number, and address, our Medellin SEO Pro will locate all local citations and provide a detailed list to enhance your business online.

Google my Business

This is another good tool created by Google for small business owners looking to increase their visibility within Google Maps, Google search, and Google+.

Social Network

With millions of people now using various social network channels such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest, getting your business on any or all of these social networks will improve traffic to your site.


Using video on your site sends a message to search engines that your site is professional. It helps a lot with ranking. However, your video should have a transcript because that is what search engine like Google use to identify the content of the video for the purpose of ranking, Our Medellin SEO Expert will assist you in video production.
These methods we have observed above are what search engines use to rank your site. However, search engines algorithm change from time to time. Therefore, you should keep abreast with those changes and apply them. But, most of the methods above hardly change and a mastery of them is important if you are to achieve success in online marketing and ranking high in search engines.
Another resource you may consider is SEO companies or agencies. Their role is to help you with SEO strategies to rank your website high in search engines. If you need one, we highly recommend Medellin Antioquia SEO Agency, Colombia.